We are always looking for ways to boost our child’s well being. Finding new ways to help improve your child’s mental and physical development feels rewarding, and helps to raise a well rounded child. One method of improving many aspects of your child’s life is by enrolling them in classes like ballet. Our dance classes cover a variety of disciplines, and teach the following skills:

Self-Esteem – Boosting your child’s self esteem is invaluable, with strong self-esteem your child will have the confidence needed to conquer almost any problem. By starting a new skill and learning from the very basics, we are able to build your child’s self-esteem, and give them the confidence they need to succeed. We focus on positive feedback and skill building, to ensure that your child has the confidence to conquer their dance and life challenges.

Physical Wellness – Your child’s physical well being is extremely important to living a happy and healthy life. Because dance involves movement and vigorous activity, your child will learn all about the joys of physical fitness through dance. Because this is a positive association, your child is more likely to continue their physical fitness as they grow older. Help your child shed their comfort in an inactive lifestyle.

Social – Developing social skills allows your child to get to meet and get to know new people. This skill is important as they develop and grow, as it is the one true way to a happy and successful lifestyle. While many group activities, we believe that dance is one of the best ways to learn and develop social skills with both their peers and teachers.

Help your child develop the skills they will need in life with dance classes at Monroe, New Yorks Soaring Dance Theatre. Contact us today to learn about our current promotions and discounts.