Adult Dance Classes, Monroe NY

At Soaring Dance Theatre we recognize that there is a natural inclination to dance. Age does not matter. It’s never too late to start dancing! We offer private adult dance classes in our beautiful Monroe NY studio. Regardless of your ability and previous experience, we can teach you to dance. Learn more about our adult dance classes, Monroe NY, click here.

Here are some reasons why you should dance at any age:

Dancing Is Great for Self-Expression and Reduces Stress

Dancing is a wonderful medium to express oneself and to positively promote your physical presence. Engaging is movement provides a natural release of endorphins and helps one feel alive and also promotes a great sense of relaxation.

Dancing is Great Exercise for Adults

The wonderful thing about choosing a dance class as a form of exercise is that there is a high level of enjoyment. And without realizing it you will be enhancing your flexibility, endurance and muscular strength. Perhaps that is why dance is the oldest known human art form. Accommodations in your dance class will be made for all levels and abilities.

It’s a Great Social Hobby

Becoming a skilled dancer opens many doors. You will feel comfortable dancing at social events both alone and with others. Many new and long-standing friendships have been forged in dance class. Dancing is a wonderfully fun activity!

Follow Your Dreams

If you have always wanted to dance but never had the opportunity now is the time. Seize this moment to fulfill that dream! And if you have danced but stopped, bring back this wonderful art form into your life.

Adult Dance Classes in Monroe

Our adult classes are strictly that – adult classes. No need to find yourself in a class with teenagers. Our dance class repertoire has classes for the more mature dancer, classes for the young adult with previous dance training and wedding dance lessons. Soaring Dance Theatre has provided fulfilling movement experiences for many. Expand your sense of empowerment and join us in a dance class! For more information and to register for adult dance classes, click here.