In our last post, we discussed 3 reasons to enroll your child in dance class. One of those reasons was physical wellness. While we know that any physical activity is good for your physical health, what muscles are strengthened by participating in dance class? Today we will discuss the 4 main muscle groups used during ballet.

Back and Core – By engaging your back, abdominal, and pelvic muscles you are more easily able to balance. Because balance and proper posture are essential to dance, these muscles receive quite the workout. These muscles are used in a variety of activities, making dance a great way to enhance your athleticism and posture.

Calves and Feet – From jumping to pointing, a dancer utilizes their calves and feet muscles throughout the class. Strengthening these muscles are a great way to build athleticism as well as reduce the risk of injury while jumping, running, and even walking.

Hips and Glutes – Without strengthening your hips and glutes you run the risk of your entire lower body being out of alignment. In ballet, it is important to strengthen the hips and glutes for proper turnout technique.

Quads and Hamstrings – Ballet Dancers often build muscles in their quads and hamstrings, as these muscles are important for full knee extension and flexibility. The development of plie’s and leg extensions create strong and flexible quads and hamstrings.

Whether you are looking for pure fun, strength building, or increased flexibility, our adult and kids dance classes have just what you need. Located in Monroe, New York, Soaring Dance Theatre offers a variety of music and dance classes for you or your child. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings, including discounts and promotions.