The ancient art of belly dancing has its origins in the Middle East and persists to this day all across the globe. Its unique, characteristic movements present a different set of challenges than the jazz, modern, and ballet dance techniques offered in the other dance classes at Soaring Dance Theatre of Monroe. Women see our belly dancing classes as fun and refreshing, but no less challenging. There is an intense focus on the muscles of the torso, and the rhythms involved are quite different than the music you’re used to hearing in one of our conventional dance class. Our dance studio offers belly dancing classes to women who want to enjoy a unique experience in a laid-back, non-judgemental environment.

Come dance, laugh, and have fun with like-minded women as you celebrate your femininity in our belly dancing classes. You’ll love the social experience, and you might be surprised to find out how many calories you burn while keeping up with the often challenging movements. Part of what makes belly dance so fun to learn is that it exposes you to something completely outside of your normal set of experiences. Learn about history, culture, and dance when you participate in belly dance classes at Soaring Dance Theatre. Isn’t it time that you opened your doors and broadened your horizons? If you’re still not convinced that belly dance can only bring good things into your life, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our belly dancing classes.