1. Dance Your Way To Physical Fitness

    With the new year upon us and many residents of Monroe looking for ways to make good on their resolutions for improved health and fitness, now is a great time to start taking dance classes. Why dance? Because not everybody can get psyched up about going to the gym three times a week and performing repetitive exercises with little or no variety. For many, that’s a surefire way to fail at their go…Read More

  2. Learn Dance to Stay Young!

    The philosophy of “use it or lose it” applies to your health in many more ways that you might be aware. For example, adults who spend a significant portion of their daily lives parked on a couch may have trouble performing physically-intensive tasks should there be a sudden demand for it. Lack of use causes muscles to atrophy, significantly limiting the physical abilities of those who have cho…Read More

  3. Enhanced Cognition Through Music

    While you may concede that there are some advantages to taking piano lessons, learning to play a musical instrument has many positive mental effects than you might not be aware of. Below are just a few of the cognitive improvements experienced by people of any age when they take up the piano. Learning to play piano improves your memory and motor skills. Your brain must store rich amounts of inform…Read More

  4. What To Look For In A Dance School

    With so many options for dance studios and classes offered in Monroe, you may be wondering how to decide which one will best be able to help you accomplish you and/or your child’s dance goals. Here are some things to consider as you weigh your choices. Professional Instructors: What kinds of credentials do a school’s instructors have? Where have they studied? Do they have performance experienc…Read More

  5. Reap The Mental & Emotional Benefits Of Dance

    While the physical benefits of Monroe dance classes are likely obvious, the mental and emotional benefits of dance aren't as obvious. In fact, according to recent studies, dancing improves brain function in many ways! For example, regular dancing and steady dance practice has been shown to help "train" your brain against dizziness! More over, learning dance steps, going through the dance moves slo…Read More

  6. Benefits Of Dance Class For Children

    Dance is a large part of many of our lives, not just because we like to have fun, but because dance is a natural response to the music we hear. Learning to embrace this urge can truly help children further develop, regardless of their age. This benefit is even more prominent with younger children, as they are just learning the skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Because of the univer…Read More

  7. Registration Dates & Specials

    Soaring Dance Theatre is a dance studio Located in Monroe, New York, and open to the residents of Highland Mills, Middletown, and the surrounding area. Our dance classes operate on a semester schedule, holding open registration from August 27th to Sept 3rd. To encourage new participants, we are making our affordable dance studio even more economical. New students that register for the upcoming sem…Read More

  8. Ballet Builds Strength And Flexibility

    In our last post, we discussed 3 reasons to enroll your child in dance class. One of those reasons was physical wellness. While we know that any physical activity is good for your physical health, what muscles are strengthened by participating in dance class? Today we will discuss the 4 main muscle groups used during ballet. Back and Core - By engaging your back, abdominal, and pelvic muscles you …Read More

  9. 3 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In Our Dance Class

    We are always looking for ways to boost our child's well being. Finding new ways to help improve your child's mental and physical development feels rewarding, and helps to raise a well rounded child. One method of improving many aspects of your child's life is by enrolling them in classes like ballet. Our dance classes cover a variety of disciplines, and teach the following skills: Self-Esteem - B…Read More

  10. Developmental Benefits Of Piano Lessons

    Playing piano not only does playing the piano sound great, but it is also beneficial to enhancing your child's ability to learn, reason, and develop. As we have discussed before piano lessons are an amazing introduction to playing music as the skills learned in piano lessons can easily transfer to a multitude of other instruments. Today we will discuss the developmental benefits of learning to pla…Read More