Serious students of dance need to protect their bodies against the strain and stresses demanded by the art. At Soaring Dance Theatre, we always make sure to emphasize proper attention to physical maintenance and injury prevention. As a dancer, your feet are one of your most valuable assets for movement, expression, and balance. They also take quite a bit of punishment in countless hours of rehearsal, practice, and performance. Here are a few tips for taking care of your feet from your Monroe dance studio.

Be sure to keep your toenails short, especially for proper pointe form. Because your body weight can create a tremendous amount of pressure on the very tips of your toes, the risk of ingrown toenails is always present. For that reason, they should be clipped straight across and not rounded. Also be aware that painted toenails may be hiding problems that develop underneath. It’s important to constantly monitor your toe health for potential problems, so if you are going to paint your nails for a special occasion, just make sure to remove the nail polish in short order.

Shoe fit is a critical part of keeping your feet healthy and avoiding pain as you dance. Too small of shoes can lead to cramping and improper positioning that makes its way from your feet into the rest of your form. Too loose of shoes will lead to undesired movement and rubbing that causes blisters as you continue to log time in the dance studio. However, you can expect calluses to form which helps to protect your feet with tough layers of skin tissue.

From the ground up, good dance form begins with the feet. Keep your feet happy and healthy to enjoy years of beautiful dancing!