1. Piano lessons – the perfect introduction to musical studies

    No matter what musical dream you have, piano lessons are the perfect introduction to musical studies.  A piano student learns to read treble and bass clef and can easily turn this knowledge into success in playing any orchestral or band instrument.  Beginning piano studies are virtually stress free.  No sour sounding notes, no instrument that needs to be tuned by the student.  In essence......…Read More

  2. How Old Should Kids Be to Start Piano Lessons in Monroe NY?

    Many parents ask us when they should start their child in piano lessons in our Monroe NY studio. Some teachers believe that children should start as young as 3 years old, and there are some studies that show starting lessons that young can be a benefit to their brain. However, this can simply be impractical. Most three year olds simply are not ready to sit still long enough to study the piano,…Read More

  3. Soaring Dance Theatre proudly teaches dance classes to students in Monroe,Highland Mills, Warwick, Chester and surrounding areas

    Dance students from Monroe, Highland Mills, Warwick, Chester and surrounding areas have found their inspiration and creative outlet at Soaring Dance Theatre.  Small class sizes and dedicated and professional teaching encourage students from the age of 3 - senior citizens.  If your dream is to dance this is the place to be!…Read More

  4. Our Dance Classes for Kids in Monroe Can Improve School Performance

    Many parents are concerned about the state of the educational system in the United States, and policy makers are looking at what other countries are doing that seems to be working for the children in their system. One of the discrepancies that has come to light is recess. In the United States, some schools have cut back on recess time for more instructional time, leaving as little as 15 minutes a …Read More

  5. Quality Children’s Dance Classes in Orange County, NY

    Soaring Dance Theatre in Monroe, N.Y. offers quality dance classes that are about the art and joy of dance and not about dedicating a year of lessons to learning a recital routine.  Our students  evolve into beautiful, graceful, expressive and self-confident dancers.  Be selective about your dance studio choice.  Come check us out.…Read More

  6. Our Dance Classes in Monroe NY Can Help Your Dreams Come True!

    One of the hottest television shows of the summer is So You Think You Can Dance? This talent competition showcases a variety of dancers from around the country in dance offs in order to earn the ultimate title.. Some of the performers are absolutely incredible, and if you are fan of the show, we’re willing to bet you’ve thought to yourself on at least one occasion that you wish you could dance…Read More

  7. Wonderful dance classes for kids in Monroe, New York

    Your kid's first dance classes are so important!  They shouldn't be taught by other students.  All dance classes at Soaring Dance Theatre are taught by professional teachers with teaching certifications.  Dance classes for kids are fun and creative.  Our small classes guarantee that a keen eye observes your kids to promote correct technique and guard against injury.  You owe it your child to …Read More

  8. Our Theater Classes in the 10950 Area Help You Prepare for a Big Audition

    If you've been out on auditions a lot but haven't landed any roles lately, it may be time to take a refresher course. Signing up for one of our theater classes in the 10950 area will help you refine your auditioning skills and give you back that spark that directors want to see when they are casting roles. Acting is a muscle that must be continually exercised, and acting in an audition isn't enoug…Read More

  9. Children’s theater classes now forming at Soaring Dance Theatre in Orange County, NY

    Children and theater are naturally compatible.  If your child loves to act or can benefit from engaging in a theatrical experience, the Theatrix class at Soaring Dance Theatre is the place to be!  A theater class is more than memorizing the lines to a play.  Your child will be learning skills such as stage movement, projection, stage make up, costuming, working with props, solo and group work, …Read More

  10. Beautiful dance classes in Orange County

    Not all dance studios are the same!  Dance classes at Soaring Dance Theatre are designed to be an immersion in the art of dance.  Classes are purposely small to focus on the individual dancer. Every dancer from the ages of 3 - adult will have a meaningful and memorable dance experience.  The classes are enriching and fun.  Give your dancer the gift of studying at Soaring Dance Theatre. Learn f…Read More