1. What Our Theater Classes in the 10950 Area Can Do For Your Kids

    Many parents think their our theater classes in the 10950 area are just for kids who want to grow up to act on stage. Actually, theater classes can be extremely beneficial for every child, because they'll learn a variety of skills that they'll use throughout their life to help them become more successful. Check out some of the benefits you can expect for your child when they participate in our …Read More

  2. Soaring Dance’s 2014 Ballerina Tea Party

    Soaring Dance Theatre's 2014 Ballerina Tea Party was a huge success. Several little princesses came to visit to learn more about the dance classes for kids and had a great time playing with our older dancers. Interested in dance classes but missed our tea party? Don't worry-- spots in our dance, piano and theater classes are still available. Call us today to learn more!  …Read More

  3. Our Theater Classes in the 10950 Area Help You Prepare for a Big Audition

    If you've been out on auditions a lot but haven't landed any roles lately, it may be time to take a refresher course. Signing up for one of our theater classes in the 10950 area will help you refine your auditioning skills and give you back that spark that directors want to see when they are casting roles. Acting is a muscle that must be continually exercised, and acting in an audition isn't enoug…Read More

  4. Children’s theater classes now forming at Soaring Dance Theatre in Orange County, NY

    Children and theater are naturally compatible.  If your child loves to act or can benefit from engaging in a theatrical experience, the Theatrix class at Soaring Dance Theatre is the place to be!  A theater class is more than memorizing the lines to a play.  Your child will be learning skills such as stage movement, projection, stage make up, costuming, working with props, solo and group work, …Read More