If you have a son or daughter with a gift for performing, it’s time to help them take their talents to the next level. Presenting the Theatrix series of drama classes for kids, only at Monroe’s Soaring Dance Theatre. Available to ages 10 through 17, your kid or kids will have the opportunity to explore the following areas of acting in our drama school:

Costumes, Props, and Makeup

Learn how fun it can be to transform yourself into a character! Our focus on costumes and stage makeup helps kids to start thinking about how they will appear to an audience. Our drama classes will also address how best to work with props for natural movement and acting.

Stage Presence

Learning onstage movement is a challenge that many students enjoy. We help them work to manage stage fright, play to an audience, and improve their vocal projection and enunciation skills.

Interpersonal Skills

Whether or not your child chooses to continue acting, the communication and interpersonal skills they learn here will help them in may of life’s areas. With a focus on both solo and group acting, improvisation, and character study, our drama classes for kids are a great way to encourage higher-level thinking in your child.

Let The Show Begin!

If your child is interested in dance or drama classes, don’t hesitate to encourage their artistic interests. Who knows; it may even be the beginning of a lifelong passion!

Private Coaching

Director, Roberta Monkash offers private coaching in dance and theatre to students in Orange County. She is sought out by those wishing to further skills both for professional theatre and for college auditions. Coaching appointments can be made by calling our dance studio. Reservations are now being taken for private lesson times.

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