A couple’s first dance together at their wedding should be a beautiful, meaningful and delightful experience.  For many couples that experience is more often filled with a sense of dread and much angst.  Let Soaring Dance Theatre give you the skills to make your dance moment a success.

Instead of enrolling in ballroom dance classes and devoting your valuable wedding planning time into trying to master social dance techniques, why not focus on a customized dance made especially for you?  Choose your special song and have a professional choreographer tailor your dance to your skill level and unique personalities and customs.

Non-skilled dancers are our specialty.  Your wedding dance choreography will be designed with movements that you feel comfortable with to emphasize your strengths.  The wedding dance classes are an enjoyable hour long session. Your dance is mastered in as many classes as is necessary.  In addition to dances for the wedding couple, choreographies can also be created for mother and son, daughter and father, and all other noteworthy couples.

Wedding Dance Choreography

At Soaring Dance Theater, we have helped many couples to learn an amazing dance for their wedding night. It’s a common request from prospective clients, and that’s why we’re now offering it as one of our main adult dance teaching services. Your wedding night, after all, is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it’s something you’re going to want to remember fondly, instead of recalling an awkward memory where you both clumsily fumbled around during your special dance song.

Our classes are designed for people who have any level of dance experience, from novice to advanced, so even if this is a whole new world for you, you have nothing to fear! We provide a comfortable and fun atmosphere with choreography to fit a couple’s personality and comfort level. 

If you’re interested in our wedding dance choreography classes, contact us today! 

Wedding Dance Choreography Testimonials

“We came to Roberta novice dancers and she was able to create a 1st dance for our wedding that transformed us into beautiful dancers. She is creative, patient, and open to suggestions. Roberta was able to choreograph a unique and very special dance that represented us as a couple. Our dance was fun, capturing, and intimate. We highly recommend working with Roberta for special moments that will always be memorable.”

– Jennifer and Dominick, Monroe, NY

“My fiancé and I came to Roberta in hope of preparing a great first dance at our wedding.  From day 1, she made us feel comfortable, and was such an amazing teacher!  Roberta has years of different types of dancing experience, and it certainly comes through in her teaching style and dancing, that she loves what she does.  She is able to listen to your wedding song 1 time and create a romantic, customized dance that will surely impress!  She gets emotionally invested in your big day, and will wind up being just as excited as you two are for your big day!  We loved our time with Roberta. and would highly recommend her services to any couple looking to create a beautiful moment in their wedding, through dance.”

-Val and Chip of Walden, NY

“Hi Roberta! Charlie and I had the greatest wedding day ever! And everyone absolutely LOVED our dance.  They can’t stop talking about it!  And people cried.  It was so perfect. Thank you, thank you.”

-Alex and Charlie of Middletown, NY