Before we can speak, we can move. Because of this, many children express their happiness through small bounces, clapping, and dancing! Once we learn how to master speech to express our emotions, we begin to transition away from dancing – but should we? At Soaring Dance Theatre, we understand that dance is inherently a way to express our creativity and our emotions through movement. Here are a few reasons your child may benefit from one of our Monroe dance classes:

Physical Development and Coordination

The most obvious reason taking a dance class is beneficial to children is because it helps develop coordination and strength. Dance demands control, precision, motion, strength, and endurance. By learning these patterns and developing these skills, children can carry over these principles to other areas of their life. Dance is also a wonderful way to utilize the entire body, which is why it makes for such a good workout. Children naturally run around and remain active, but dance is a way to learn how to grow and develop this movement in new ways.

Emotional Maturity

Dance class is a physical activity, but children learn early on in their classes that dance can also be used for self-expression. Not only do they learn how to find what they are feeling and name it, but they also learn how to turn these feelings into movement – either as a form of release or as a way to demonstrate them. They also learn how to interact with other dancers that may be feeling, and therefore moving, differently.

Social Maturity and Connection

Dance classes are not private lessons. When your child enters a dance class, they will be practicing technique and movement, but they will also be practicing interacting with other students. All of our students learn quickly how they must interact with one another in order to be successful. Once the dancers begin to learn routines as a group, they learn that cooperation, understanding, and empathy are crucial to the success of the dance.

Cognitive Growth

Our dancers learn how to problem solve within the context of their bodies. When they learn new movements, they must work through the initial discomfort and change to master the movement and see true progress. They begin to see connections between an idea or problem, and the solution to that problem. This teaches children to understand the world better and can reach far beyond the walls of our Monroe studio.

Kinesthetic Learning

While there are many forms of learning, most children learn best through kinesthetic movement. This means that by doing new things, they learn how to do these things and retain the information longer. By enrolling in a dance class, your child can learn new movements and patterns simply by executing them again and again. This learning pattern can easily be carried over into school and other pursuits that demand learning abilities.

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If you believe that dance may be beneficial to your child and their development (we certainly think so!), then sign them up for our Monroe dance classes at Soaring Dance Theatre. Call today to learn more and choose the right class for your child.