If you’re looking for dance classes that will challenge your abilities like no other, ballet is a great place to start. Rooted in tradition but open to outside influence, ballet endures like few other performing arts have been able to. Here is a brief overview of one of the world’s most recognizable dance styles from your Monroe dance studio.

Centuries Of Tradition

Ballet originally developed as a performance dance in the 1600s during the Italian Renaissance. Consisting of thrilling, technical movement and an ability to express complex emotion and beauty, ballet was never destined to stay in Italy. The following centuries saw ballet spread to Russia and France, where it developed a sophisticated vocabulary. From there, ballet has spread to dancers and theatres throughout the world.

Ballet Productions

Perhaps one of the most famous ballet works, The Nutcracker is an example of how intricate a ballet production can be: an engaging story, elaborate costumes and stage sets, beautiful choreography, and an orchestra performing timeless music to unite the elements into one fantastic spectacle. Modern and neoclassical approaches to ballet, however, tend to focus more on the technique and performance. Stages are bare and costumes are minimal, with plain leotards and tights allowing the audience to focus solely on the beauty of the dance.

Modern Influences

Today, ballet is learned by millions of dancers around the world, including children, teens, and adults who pursue ballet dance classes right here in Monroe at Soaring Dance Theatre. Modern influences from all styles of dance can be combined with ballet to create unique and beautiful pieces of choreography. While other dance studios may be more lenient about the purity of the ballet they teach, we make sure our students have a solid foundation in the traditions and elements that have allowed ballet to endure for centuries.

If you’re interested in taking ballet classes, get in touch with Soaring Dance Theatre today!