While you may concede that there are some advantages to taking piano lessons, learning to play a musical instrument has many positive mental effects than you might not be aware of. Below are just a few of the cognitive improvements experienced by people of any age when they take up the piano.

  1. Learning to play piano improves your memory and motor skills. Your brain must store rich amounts of information to reproduce a musical phrase, and that includes your muscle memory. Knowing which finger must play which note, and planning your movements with the next note in mind is a challenge that develops your ability to remember information and keep it available for immediate use.

  2. Piano lessons can develop your language and mathematical capabilities. A large part of playing music is an acute awareness of time, and how to divide and subdivide intervals that are used to play phrases. Any student who understands things like time signatures, sixteenth notes, and triplets has an understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts. Learning to read sheet music is an activity that enhances a student’s language, because music is a language in and of itself!

  3. Dedication to playing music teaches discipline. There’s no doubt about it, learning to play can be extremely frustrating, and it takes hours and hours of practice to improve. This forces the student to concentrate their mental abilities on their playing, and continue to keep trying in the face of discouragement.

  4. Playing piano has emotional benefits as well. The satisfaction one experiences after finally being able to play a difficult piece after all that hard work cannot be bought. Music also serves as an outlet where the stress and aggravation of daily life can be converted into progress in one’s playing ability.

If you live in or near Monroe, NY and would like the opportunity to enhance your cognition through piano lessons, contact Soaring Dance Theater today. Our master piano teachers are waiting to introduce you to the world of music and open up a new chapter in your life!