As any student of our dance classes can tell you, balance is extremely important to a dancer’s movement, grace, and control. If you have a child who’s interested in the art of dance, it’s never too early to familiarize them with the basics of balance. Our Summer Moves dance classes for kids are a great introduction for little dancers to learn and have fun, but there is also plenty you can do at home to help your child develop their sense of balance.

Eyes Closed
Find a long, straight seam on a sidewalk, or mark out a line with some chalk. Have your child start at one end of the line, close their eyes, and try to walk the path by putting one foot in front of the other. They may be amused to see how far they drift from the line on the first few tries! This exercise helps young dancers to separate their balance from their vision.

One Foot
What can your child do while standing on one foot? Can they fold a blanket? Throw or catch a ball? Recite the alphabet? Successful balance must be constantly monitored at the subconscious level, and by giving your child something else to focus on, they’ll be able to challenge these areas of the brain.

The Head-Carry
How far can your child walk while balancing something on top of their head? A book, stuffed animal, or shock-resistant dish can provide a fun way to practice balance while minimizing the risk of injury when they inevitably come crashing down. Walking while balancing something on your head forces you to think carefully about your every movement.

Remember, the pursuit of perfect balance is a lifelong endeavor, so don’t expect your child to perform any of these flawlessly. Keep the mood light and fun, and don’t be afraid to laugh when their balance escapes them. For more opportunities to get your kid interested in dance, contact Soaring Dance Theatre of Monroe today!