Did your parents make you go to piano lessons as a kid? As much as you hated or loved it, it turns out your parents may have been right to make you go. Study after study has shown the benefit of learning to read and play music as a child. So if you now have children of your own, consider putting them into our piano lessons and giving them the same gift you got as a child! Here are just three of the benefits they’ll experience in our piano lessons in Monroe NY:

  • Piano lessons can ¬†actually raise a child’s IQ score. That could be because studying music uses the same area of the brain used in mathematics and understanding spatial relationships.

  • They’ll develop stronger small motor skills. Playing the piano requires dexterity in the fingers as well as mastering the ability to use your left and right hands simultaneously.

  • Your child will learn patience and discipline. Learning how to play the piano will take time and dedication, but these are great things for your child to learn now so they can put these skills into practice throughout their life.

Learning the piano will pay off in another big way–your child will experience a great boost to their self esteem as they master this instrument and can show you the songs and skills that they are learning in their lessons. Give your child the advantage of piano lessons in Monroe NY by signing up for our classes today. We offer lessons to students 5 years old through adult, and teachers offer instruction in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere. Call our studio or contact us through our website to get your children signed up for piano lessons today!