With summer vacation on the way, it won’t be long before the kids of Monroe are running wild, getting into trouble, and creating greater demands on their parents’ time. Of course, it’s certainly not all bad; it’s just that kids are a lot easier to deal with when they have something to keep them occupied. The ideal solution is to direct all of that energy into a constructive outlet, such as the dance classes for kids offered here at Soaring Dance Theatre.

So much to learn!

In addition to learning about the exciting world of performing arts in our dance studio, your child also has the opportunity to expand many skill sets that are necessary for a successful life. These include motor control, impulse management, and memory development. Learning to dance is fun, but it’s also a challenge that teaches children about the rewards that can be earned through hard work and perseverance.

It’s all about discipline.

When it comes down to it, our dance classes for kids help your child learn about self-discipline. That means not just doing whatever they want, but concentrating all of their efforts on improving their abilities. Many of the students who come to our dance studio at an early age stay on to pursue a lifetime in dance. However, even those who develop other interests can transfer the important life skills they learn at Soaring Dance Theatre into new areas.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child for classes at our Monroe dance studio, you can find more information about our offerings here. You may also want to look into our summer dance classes for kids here.