Introducing Dancing Sprites, because it’s never too early to get your child involved in the challenging and rewarding world of dance! In order to promote an early interest in dance and the performing arts, Soaring Dance Theatre has created this special series of dance classes for kids aged three to five. We keep the focus on fun, incorporating props and music that would inspire any child to get up and move! We keep class sizes small in order to ensure that each student gets the attention they need, and the opportunity to learn from a master dance instructor who knows how to recognize talent at any age. Best of all, when your child participates in Dancing Sprites, they’ll have exposure to future opportunities at our Monroe dance studio.

Tired of getting worn down by a hyperactive kid at home? One huge advantage to our dance classes for kids is the chance for your child to learn how to direct their energy toward something worthwhile. Dance classes can teach a child the motor control, mental discipline, and physical coordination that usually comes much later in life. By enrolling your child in classes at our Monroe dance studio, you’ll be laying the foundation not only for success in dance, but for a well-rounded life that’s full of passion and expression. And if your child really likes Dancing Sprites, making the transition into our Dance Expression classes will be the next logical step. Let us help to give your child a love of dance; contact Soaring Dance Theatre today!