A dance studio provides a fun and safe environment for kids and adults alike to learn the skills needed for dance performances. But even if you aren’t looking to put on shows, the skills learned in a dance studio translate easily to a variety of sports and activities. For example toddlers that take classes at our dance studio learn social interaction, balance, concentration, and other life skills that they can use as they continue to grow and learn.

Soaring Dance Theatre offers fun interactive classes focused on ballet, modern, and jazz. Our dance classes are an affordable extracurricular activity for young kids and teens. By focusing on the skills required for dance, we are able to grow young dancers while enhancing their techniques for professional dance, all while teaching valuable life skills.

One of the great experiences of our dance studio is our year end recital. Throughout the semester, we teach our students about the art of dancing and compose a show to celebrate the art of dance. Unlike many other studios, our recital is a way to celebrate all that we have learned, rather than a stressful and expensive centerpiece. At Soaring Dance Theatre, we want to ensure that our students have a fun and memorable experience.



Our dance studio offers classes for a variety of ages from 3 years old and up. Dance is an art that can be enjoyed at any age and is a great way to relieve stress while building muscle and flexibility. Below is a list of our core classes by age:

3 to 5 – Focused on fun, we use props and music to keep your toddler and pre-K students entertained and engaged.

6 to 9 – Teaching dance foundation techniques, while engaging your child with ballet, modern, and jazz styles.

10 to 14 – Refining established skills through improvisation and choreography. Your kids will love the fun and challenging atmosphere.

15 to Adult – Full immersion in the art of dance builds a strong understanding of modern, jazz, and ballet techniques.



At Soaring Dance Theatre, we offer a variety of dance classes while emphasizing modern, jazz, and ballet style. Our dance studio is built on the idea that dance is a part of a healthy lifestyle, and offer multiple classes in the same studio. Many students include a variety of our classes alongside or independently from our semester-long core classes. We offer ballet, dance fusion, modern dance, expression, jazz, belly dance, yoga, and pilates classes in both group and private coaching.



We offer a few different promotions during open registration that make our affordable dance studio, even more economical. These promotions include a discount for both first-time students, and friend/family referral.

If you are interested in learning more about our promotions, classes, registration, or any other aspect of our dance studio, contact us for the best service in Monroe, Highland Mills, and Middletown, New York.