Soaring Dance Theatre provides a comprehensive offering of dance classes to encourage the growth of all our students. With options for everyone from children to adults, and for people at all levels of ability, our main goal remains the same: to inspire each student to become the best dancer they can be. For that reason we provide a comprehensive range of study in jazz, modern, and ballet dance techniques that you won’t find at any of the other Monroe dance studios. What’s more, Soaring Dance Theatre has created a collaborative environment in which dance students rely on their peers to help achieve even greater success. Sometimes, though, there just isn’t any substitute for individual dance lessons.

When it comes to refining your dance technique, having the attention of a master dance instructor like Soaring Dance director Roberta Monkash is an invaluable resource. During her private, one-on-one dance lessons, students get immediate feedback that can be used to improve technique and advance to higher and higher levels of command in the art of dance. Being the only student in the room provides you with learning opportunities that simply don’t exist in a class full of other students. All of the teacher’s instruction is tailored specifically to you and your progress, and there is much that can be learned in every session. If you’re ready to take your art of dance to the next level, individual dance lessons are just the thing. Contact Soaring Dance Theatre today to learn more about our one-on-one instruction.