Dance & Movement Classes for Children & Teens

Dance classes at Soaring Dance Theatre are all about the beauty and joy of movement and the sheer delight found in dancing. We offer small group and private dance & movement classes for children teens at our professional Monroe NY studio.

Older children focus more on technique and have many opportunities to explore movement improvisation and choreography as well. Our dance recitals reflect the dance skills learned throughout the year and are inspiring and memorable.

All students gain a sense of self-esteem, grace, and beauty as a result of their dance studies at the Soaring Dance Theatre dance studio.

Our Dance Classes

Steps to Fun, ages 2 to 3, with parent/guardian
Students participate in music and dance activities sure to bring on a smile. Songs, percussion instruments, and a myriad of dance props enhance the fun of this half-hour activity-filled class.

Maestro Minis: ages 3 to 4
The children will play a variety of instruments, sing songs, and acquire the basic skills of musical rhythm, melody, and creation. This enjoyable class is surely a stepping stone to any musical pursuit to follow.

Dancing Sprites, ages 3 to 5
A delightful introduction to the world of dance! Charming and fun-filled classes utilizing creative props and lovely music. Small class sizes ensure that students are engaged throughout and not waiting for their turn.

Dance Expression I, ages 6 to 9
This class is designed to immerse the young dancer into the foundation of dance. The class rotates through the year to study ballet, modern and jazz techniques. This fosters strong, graceful and creative dancers who do not become bored with the same style of movement. The dancers work with props and dance to a variety of musical accompaniments. Dance games and movement improvisation enhance the enjoyable experience in this class.

Dance Expression II, ages 10 to 14
This class is dedicated to refining dance technique. Dancers learn the steps and dance styles of modern dance, jazz and ballet. Improvisation and elements of choreography are also explored. Small classes, beautiful accompanying music, and an inspiring artistic environment contribute to the fulfilling dance experience of this class. Students at this level are invited to take the Ballet Technique class as well.

Dance Expression III, ages 15 to Adult
This intermediate/advanced level class is geared toward a student who wants to be fully immersed in the art of dance. An emphasis is placed on ballet, modern and jazz dance.

Dance Expression IV
This class will appeal to young adults who are looking to revive or continue their dance training. This dance technique class incorporates ballet, modern and jazz dance styles.

Ballet Technique (ages 10 to 14)
All trained dancers should have a foundation in the study of ballet. This advanced beginner/intermediate level class emphasizes the finer points of ballet technique. The class also incorporates demi-pointe work which is a necessary prerequisite to pointe studies. Students in this class often take the Dance Expression classes as well.

This class engages in the study of pointe technique. Students must be taking Dance Expression III and Ballet Technique to qualify to study pointe. Admission to this class is with the approval of the director.

Company Class
This is the Soaring Dance Theatre performing ensemble. Admission is by audition only. Performers in Soaring Dance Theatre must be taking ongoing classes in Dance Expression III, ballet technique as well as the Company Class.

Dance Track I
Dance Expression II + Ballet Technique I

Dance Track II
Dance Expression III + Ballet Technique II + Pointe + Company Class

Private Coaching
Director, Roberta Monkash offers private coaching in dance and theatre to students in Orange County. She is sought out by those wishing to further skills both for professional theatre and for college auditions. Coaching appointments can be made by calling our dance studio.