Pre-School Music & Dance Classes

At Soaring Dance Theatre, located in Monroe NY, our  pre-school children learn through movement and music, play, and song. Our small group Pre-School Music & Dance Classes are designed to be fun and nurturing.

Our mission is to be part of your child’s growth, not only physically and musically, but emotionally, cognitively, and socially. We offer different classes for different age groups:

Steps to Fun: ages 2 to 3, with parent/guardian
Students participate in music and dance activities sure to bring on a smile. Songs, percussion instruments, and a myriad of dance props enhance the fun of this half-hour activity-filled class.

Maestro Minis: ages 3 to 4
The children will play a variety of instruments, sing songs, and acquire the basic skills of musical rhythm, melody, and creation. This enjoyable class is surely a stepping stone to any musical pursuit to follow.

Dancing Sprites, ages 3 to 5
A delightful introduction to the world of dance! Charming and fun-filled classes utilizing creative props and lovely music. Small class sizes ensure that students are engaged throughout and not waiting for their turn.


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