Theatre Training/Theatrix

Our THEATRIX class offers much more than acting lessons for students, aged 10-18. It is a theatre class designed to explore the performer inside of each student. Our private theatre lessons are conducted at our beautiful Monroe New York studio.

Far beyond memorizing script lines, THEATRIX students will enjoy a fun-filled drama class emphasizing stage movement, vocal techniques, improvisation, character study, stage makeup, the use of props, costume study, audition skills and solo and group work. Acting classes can have a positive impact on the life of your child.

They’ll learn control, self-awareness, expression, and discipline as they work to cultivate their stage presence and deliver convincing performances. You’ll love seeing your son or daughter perform onstage in one of our Soaring Dance Theatre productions, and they’ll love the feeling of accomplishment they get from pursuing the performing arts. Let the show begin!

Acting Theatre-Classes-Orange-County NY

Private Theatre Training Coaching

Soaring Dance Theatre director Roberta Monkash offers private coaching in dance, theatre, and acting to students in her Monroe, NY studio. She coaches adults, young adults and youth who wish to hone their skills for college auditions, regional and professional theatre. Our students come to us from the Hudson Valley, NYC, and the entire Tri-State area.

Take your acting skills to the next level with our help when you learn one-on-one at the Soaring Dance Theatre drama school. At Soaring Dance Theatre, you’ll get feedback tailored specifically to your unique set of strengths and challenges. Get more information about individual acting classes, contact us.

If you’re serious about developing your acting skills under the undivided attention of a professional with a lifetime of performing arts experience, contact us. Read more about private coaching, click here.

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