Many parents are concerned about the state of the educational system in the United States, and policy makers are looking at what other countries are doing that seems to be working for the children in their system. One of the discrepancies that has come to light is recess. In the United States, some schools have cut back on recess time for more instructional time, leaving as little as 15 minutes a day for recreational time outdoors. While more instructional time might seem like a good idea, your child is suffering because of it. Our dance classes for kids in Monroe can help!

Less time for physical activity is not only setting up your child for a lifetime of weight management struggles, but their emotional and mental health can suffer as well. Physical movement is imperative to kids! They need that time to run around, have unstructured play time, interact with their peers, and enjoy the outdoors. Any parent can tell you that forcing a child to sit in a desk for 8 hours a day is unnatural, and it should come as no surprise if there are behavior problems when children don’t have a chance for physical release.

Signing your child up for a physical activity like our dance classes for kids in Monroe is a great alternative! We’ll give them the chance to burn off extra energy, which can help them focus on classwork when they are at school. They’ll love having this physical activity to look forward to, and you’ll love how our classes help them succeed at school. Give us a call and sign up for our classes today!