Soaring Dance Theatre is committed to fostering lifelong learning in the performing arts, and our Dance Expression classes provide students of all ages with opportunities to learn a wide variety of dance technique. Dance Expression classes begin at age six, and progress all the way up to adult learners. Students are initially grouped by age (ages six to nine for Dance Expression I, and 10 to 14 for Dance Expression II), and gradually become familiar with jazz, ballet, and modern dance technique. This is accomplished with the help of games, props, and a constant variety of enjoyable exercises. As the series progresses, the emphasis shifts from fun and exploration to refining technique, learning choreography, and focused rehearsal. Our Monroe dance studio is the perfect place for any student hoping to develop their ability to express themselves through the art of dance.

By the time the student reaches Dance Expression III (ages 15 to adult), they have a good foundation on which to build their developing art. Modern, jazz, and ballet technique is studied in-depth, and students are faced with greater challenges as they become more immersed in the art of dance. Students enrolled in Dance Expression II and III will often also take part in the Ballet Technique class offered by our Monroe dance studio. For ballet classes near you, and for the most comprehensive dance classes in Orange County, NY, Soaring Dance Theatre is the place to go. For any age and any ability level, our expert dance instructors will be happy to find the right starting point for your journey into the world of dance. Read more about the individual Dance Expression classes here.