Almost every little girl dreams of being the prima ballerina at some point during their childhood. After all, what little girl doesn’t love tutus, pretty outfits, and dancing? At Soaring Dance Theatre we offer a variety of dance classes for kids in Monroe. From jazz to ballet, we offer a multitude of different courses so each child can explore and discover the art of dance, as well as which form they prefer.

If your little one is interested in any form of dance, we offer exploratory dance classes for children as young as 3. Our Dance Expression classes are a great way for your child to explore the world of dance including its different forms, styles, and techniques. This gives your child a great opportunity to discover the art of dance. As you child progresses through the courses they will become familiar with jazz, ballet, as well as modern dance. They will learn basic techniques and styles that apply to each form of dance, while being able to express their creativity. The four stages of Dance Expressions are Dancing Sprites (ages 3-5), Dance Expression I (ages 6-9), Dance Expression II (ages 10-14), and Dance Expression III (ages 15 to adult), so if they choose, your child may continue their education and expression as they grow older.

At Soaring Dance Theatre we believe in the power of dance. Dance is a beautiful artform that leaves an impression on almost everyone and we are dedicated to helping our students learn and perfect this art. We are also committed to helping them express their creativity in unique and beautiful ways. If your child yearns to become that prima ballerina, or if they are simply interested in learning more about dance, bring them into Soaring Dance Theatre today. We have dance classes for everyone!