While the physical benefits of Monroe dance classes are likely obvious, the mental and emotional benefits of dance aren’t as obvious. In fact, according to recent studies, dancing improves brain function in many ways! For example, regular dancing and steady dance practice has been shown to help “train” your brain against dizziness! More over, learning dance steps, going through the dance moves slowly, and then performing them over and over again, will also have a positive affect on your cognitive learning. After all, mastering a sequence of dance steps and then repeating them over and over requires a deep level of concentration.

Think you have two left feet? Consider the fact that dancing is something that comes naturally to human beings. We’ve been dancing since prehistoric times, as a form of celebration, expression, and ritual. In social settings, dancing helps to release endorphins, resulting in a feeling of well being similar to what is known as the “runner’s” high.

Have you been wanting to improve your memory? When we learn new dances, we have to remember certain moves that must correlate to the beat of the music. Our brain connects these new movements to the music and in turn helps us remember them. Remember when you learned your ABCs by singing them?

In fact, just regular dancing and moving to the best of your ability at a club, a party, or even in your living room, can lift your spirits. It’s not just the movement itself that is uplifting – it’s where you’re doing it.