Soaring Dance Theatre is truly blessed to have so many talented students enrolled in our dance classes year after year. One of our greatest pleasures is selecting the best of the best to participate in our Monroe dance studio’s Company Class. These elite dancers represent our dance school through public performances that include solo, duet, trio, and group dance numbers. For dance students who want to challenge themselves in a competitive learning environment, making the Company Class is a great goal to strive for. Dance students hoping to be admitted into this class must first pass a successful audition in which their skills, talent, and potential is carefully assessed by director Roberta Monkash.

In addition to completing an acceptable audition, any Company Class student must also have ongoing enrollment in the Dance Expression III and Ballet Technique II dance classes. The Company Class curriculum is challenging, and so is the choreography and technique that each student must come to master. This is a great training opportunity for any student who is serious about pursuing professional dance as a career option. For them, there is no substitute for the experience of training, practicing, and preparing to perform in front of an audience. If you think you’ve got what it takes to get on a stage and represent your Monroe dance studio, then being chosen for the Soaring Dance Theatre Company Class is something to work toward. To learn more about what it’s like to be a part of our performing ensemble, contact us today!