All students are required to register in person and complete a registration form prior to attending any classes.

Register now for classes!  Call 845-877-7304 or email to learn more!

Class Cancellations

Classes are canceled for inclement weather following the Monroe-Woodbury School District closures.  A class may also be canceled due to a teacher’s illness. All canceled classes will be made up and all canceled lessons will be credited.

Class Attire

All dance and movement students must wear appropriate dance attire and dance footwear as dictated by the class.

  • No baggy pants, no dangling jewelry.
  • Hair must be pulled back in a neat arrangement that shows the neck.
  • No gum chewing.
  • Choose your own colors of dancewear. Express yourself!
  • Absolutely no street shoes in the dance studio!!

Arriving Late

All the components of a movement class are important. If you are late, please warm up on the side of the studio. Do not engage in the current activity without being warmed up.

Respect the Property

Smoking is prohibited in the studio or on the home grounds. Please do not bring your pets. The art work in the studio is there to be admired with your eyes. Please do not touch anything. No food is allowed in our dance studio. Water bottles are permitted and may be placed on coasters in the reception area.

For additional information, call 845-877-7304 or email