About Soaring Dance Theatre

Soaring Dance Theatre offers private/one-to-one and small group dance classes, theater classes, and piano lessons for children, from age 2 through adult.  Our classes are small and focused on learning technique, enhancing personal expression, and providing individualized instruction. Our goal is to help each student find and hone their personal artistic voice.

Our Studio

Our professional dance studio and performing arts school is located in Monroe, New York. Our studio has a polished wood floor, full length mirrors, large windows, and lots of natural light. The studio features a collection of dance and theatre related art, sculpture and photographs. Our space overlooks beautiful Walton Lake, set amidst a lovely woodland.  An outdoor waiting area for parents features a wooden deck, where you can take a break and relax while your student attends class.

Our Director, Roberta Monkash

Roberta Monkash is a master teacher known for her dedication to the performing arts, her love of teaching, and the quest for excellence she instills in her students. She is an accomplished professional dancer, choreographer, musician, writer, and teacher.

She has performed as a solo dancer throughout the East Coast and in Israel. She appeared as a featured soloist at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan and for many years danced with her companies, Soaring Dance Theatre and Al Knafayim.

A graduate of New York’s High School of Performing Arts, Roberta earned a B.A. in Musicology from New York University, a Graduate Certificate in Psychomotor Therapy from New York Medical College, and a M.A. in Kinesiology from Goddard College. In addition, she holds New York State teaching certifications in Dance Education and Music Education, and was a performing arts teacher at the Enlarged City School District of Middletown, NY for 20 years.

Roberta’s choreography has graced the productions of countless community theatre groups. She has also been the choreographer and director of a number of shows for the Helen Hayes Youth Theater. Some of her dance creations have appeared in commercials.

Roberta resides with her family in Monroe, NY.

Our Policies

All students are required to register in person and complete a registration form prior to attending any classes. Register for classes, call 845-781-6099 or email soaringdancetheatre@gmail.com to learn more!

Class Cancellations
Classes are canceled for inclement weather following the Monroe-Woodbury School District closures. A class may also be canceled due to a teacher’s illness. All canceled classes will be made up and all canceled lessons will be credited.

Class Attire
All dance and movement students must wear appropriate dance attire and dance footwear as dictated by the class. Hair must be pulled back in a neat arrangement that shows your neck. Choose your own colors of dancewear. Express yourself!  No street shoes in the dance studio. No baggy pants or dangling jewelry.

Arriving Late
All the components of a movement class are important. If you are late, please warm-up on the side of the studio. Do not begin class without being warmed up.

Respect the Property
Smoking is prohibited in the studio or on the home grounds. No pets, no gum chewing. No food is allowed in our dance studio. Water bottles are permitted and may be placed on coasters in the reception area. Please admire the artwork with your eyes, but do not touch.

The studio is closed for these holidays: Labor Day Weekend, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Thanksgiving Day, Winter Holiday Break, Spring Holiday Break, Memorial Day Weekend.


All students must be registered in person, at the Studio, August 23-30, 2021 by appointment only. Studio classes begin the week of Sept 20, 2021. Class sizes will remain small, so please reserve your place in class as early as possible.

Each class is ongoing for the academic year. Once classes or series of lessons have started, tuition is non-refundable. NOTE: There is NO additional registration fee.

These classes run by Two Semester Sessions.

Steps of Fun
$400 First Semester due 9/1
$400 Second Semester due 2/1

Maestro Minis
$400 First Semester due 9/1
$400 Second Semester due 2/1

Dancing Sprites
$500 First Semester due 9/1
$500 Second Semester due 2/1

Dance Expression I, II, III
$500 First Semester due 9/1
$500 Second Semester due 2/1

Dance Track I
Includes Dance Expression Class + Ballet Technique and Pointe. By permission.
$700 First Semester due 9/1
$700 Second Semester due 2/1

Dance Track II
Includes Dance Expression Class + Ballet Technique and Pointe + Company Class. By permission.
$800 First Semester due 9/1
$800 Second Semester due 2/1

$500 First Semester due 9/1
$500 Second Semester due 2/1

These classes run by class series.

Dance Expression IV, Movin’ On
Young Adults
$150 for Series of 6 classes

Movin’ On
Mature Adults
$150 for Series of 6 classes

Piano Lessons
$160 4-lesson series to be used in 5 weeks

These lessons are paid by the lesson:

Wedding Dance Classes
$50 for 1/2 hour introductory class
$100 per hour class

Private Coaching
These are paid in advance as a 4- lesson series
$45 – per 1/2 hour session
$60 – per 3/4 hour session
$90 – per 1 hour session