1. Why Dancing is Great for Mental Health

    It’s no secret that dancing can be beneficial to people in many ways, not the least of which is physical — as society becomes increasingly more sedentary, it’s a major boon to have a pastime which tests your body and keeps you moving. But one oft-overlooked benefit to dancing is the effects that it has on one’s mental health. The average person has enough stress to last them five lifetimes…Read More

  2. Spooky Halloween Song and Dance Combinations

    October is here, and to many people, that means one important thing — it’s Halloween season, and it’s time to get spooky. While Halloween isn’t known for its iconic music as much as Christmas is, it would be a lie and a crime to say that there’s none at all. As dance aficionados at Soaring Dance Theatre, we can think of a few Halloween song and dance combinations that we love. Want to ma…Read More

  3. Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Dancing

    At Soaring Dance Theater, there is one fundamental reason why we created our adult dance classes — it’s never too late to start dancing. It’s a common question we get, whether it’s from random patrons who pass by our Monroe studio, or parents who bring their kids in, marveling at the adult dancers who seem to know their craft so well. “Is it too late to start dancing?” they ask wistful…Read More

  4. How to Choose a Dance Style

    Picking a dance style may seem simple at first. After all, don’t you just find a style of dance that you like and then sign up for dance class to learn how to do it? While that’s the approach some people take, we’ve found that choosing certain styles of dance to begin with can set you up for success in future dancing endeavors. Read on to learn more, then call to schedule your first dance cl…Read More

  5. How to Prepare for Your First Dance Lesson

    Making the decision to attend a dance class is hard enough, but now you have to decide what you are going to wear without knowing what to expect? Yikes! If you are concerned about how to prepare for your very first dance class, don’t be. We at Soaring Dance Theatre are here to help. Here is some of the advice we would like to give. Call Ahead Even if your studio offers a drop-in class, you might…Read More

  6. Top Reasons to Take Dance as an Adult

    When it comes to rocking out in the car or just grooving while brushing your teeth, we are certain that you’re a pro. However, if you’ve ever had any interest in learning some technique or specific moves, then you might have found yourself lamenting your parents for never enrolling you in dance class. We at Soaring Dance Theatre in Monroe are here to tell you that it isn’t too late! If you w…Read More

  7. Dance is a Creative Outlet

    Before we can speak, we can move. Because of this, many children express their happiness through small bounces, clapping, and dancing! Once we learn how to master speech to express our emotions, we begin to transition away from dancing - but should we? At Soaring Dance Theatre, we understand that dance is inherently a way to express our creativity and our emotions through movement. Here are a few …Read More

  8. Shape Your Child’s Future with Dance

    It is obvious that dancing takes skill, coordination, balance, and strength. Even beginners, regardless of whether they are children or adults, start learning these basics the moment they step onto the dance studio floor. It doesn’t take much persuasion for people to agree that dance has many physical benefits, including flexibility and strength. However, how many people consider the lifelong sk…Read More

  9. Dance Spotlight: Jazz

    Even though it’s only existed in its present form for less than 80 years, the influence of jazz dance is evident all around the world, from dance studios to stages to films. Here is a brief primer on the art form from your Monroe dance school, Soaring Dance Theatre. An American Story Jazz dance as we know it today developed in the 1940s and 1950s in the urban centers of New Orleans. Existing bot…Read More

  10. Caring For Your Feet

    Serious students of dance need to protect their bodies against the strain and stresses demanded by the art. At Soaring Dance Theatre, we always make sure to emphasize proper attention to physical maintenance and injury prevention. As a dancer, your feet are one of your most valuable assets for movement, expression, and balance. They also take quite a bit of punishment in countless hours of rehears…Read More