1. The Advantage of a Multidisciplinary Dance Studio

    If you’ve been trying to decide between all of the dance studios available in the vicinity of Monroe, New York, you’re probably trying to figure out the best way to compare all of your options. One thing you may wish to consider is the diversity of classes offered at each studio. In addition to a variety of dance classes led by expert instructors, Soaring Dance Theatre also offers piano lesson…Read More

  2. Enhanced Cognition Through Music

    While you may concede that there are some advantages to taking piano lessons, learning to play a musical instrument has many positive mental effects than you might not be aware of. Below are just a few of the cognitive improvements experienced by people of any age when they take up the piano. Learning to play piano improves your memory and motor skills. Your brain must store rich amounts of inform…Read More

  3. It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Play a Musical Instrument

    Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill but feel that you are too old to do so? Well, we are here to tell you that you are never too old to learn something new! It is never too late to learn a new skill or develop a new talent. At Soaring Dance Theatre, we believe that creativity knows no limit. We offer a number of different dance and music classes to kids, as well as adults. If you are an adul…Read More

  4. How Old Should Kids Be to Start Piano Lessons in Monroe NY?

    Many parents ask us when they should start their child in piano lessons in our Monroe NY studio. Some teachers believe that children should start as young as 3 years old, and there are some studies that show starting lessons that young can be a benefit to their brain. However, this can simply be impractical. Most three year olds simply are not ready to sit still long enough to study the piano,…Read More

  5. Give Your Children the Gift of Piano Lessons in Monroe NY

    Did your parents make you go to piano lessons as a kid? As much as you hated or loved it, it turns out your parents may have been right to make you go. Study after study has shown the benefit of learning to read and play music as a child. So if you now have children of your own, consider putting them into our piano lessons and giving them the same gift you got as a child! Here are just three of th…Read More

  6. You’re Never Too Old for Piano Lessons in Monroe NY

    We hear from a lot of adults that the reason they are putting their kids into piano lessons in Monroe NY is because they always wanted to learn the skill themselves. While putting your child in piano lessons is a great way to strengthen their music and math skills (and even increase their IQ!), it is never too late to learn the skill for yourself, too! All it takes is a phone call to Soaring Dance…Read More