1. How Piano Lessons Can Benefit Your Child

    Involving your children in the arts, especially at a young age, can have a wide variety of benefits. All of the arts are incredible for physical, mental, and social growth but the piano is one of the best ways to help your child grow in all of these aspects. There is an exponential number of connections that are formed when you learn to read music, apply theory, and play the instrument. At Soaring…Read More

  2. Enhanced Cognition Through Music

    While you may concede that there are some advantages to taking piano lessons, learning to play a musical instrument has many positive mental effects than you might not be aware of. Below are just a few of the cognitive improvements experienced by people of any age when they take up the piano. Learning to play piano improves your memory and motor skills. Your brain must store rich amounts of inform…Read More

  3. Piano lessons – the perfect introduction to musical studies

    No matter what musical dream you have, piano lessons are the perfect introduction to musical studies.  A piano student learns to read treble and bass clef and can easily turn this knowledge into success in playing any orchestral or band instrument.  Beginning piano studies are virtually stress free.  No sour sounding notes, no instrument that needs to be tuned by the student.  In essence......…Read More