1. How Piano Lessons Can Benefit Your Child

    Involving your children in the arts, especially at a young age, can have a wide variety of benefits. All of the arts are incredible for physical, mental, and social growth but the piano is one of the best ways to help your child grow in all of these aspects. There is an exponential number of connections that are formed when you learn to read music, apply theory, and play the instrument. At Soaring…Read More

  2. The Advantage of a Multidisciplinary Dance Studio

    If you’ve been trying to decide between all of the dance studios available in the vicinity of Monroe, New York, you’re probably trying to figure out the best way to compare all of your options. One thing you may wish to consider is the diversity of classes offered at each studio. In addition to a variety of dance classes led by expert instructors, Soaring Dance Theatre also offers piano lesson…Read More

  3. Learn Dance to Stay Young!

    The philosophy of “use it or lose it” applies to your health in many more ways that you might be aware. For example, adults who spend a significant portion of their daily lives parked on a couch may have trouble performing physically-intensive tasks should there be a sudden demand for it. Lack of use causes muscles to atrophy, significantly limiting the physical abilities of those who have cho…Read More

  4. Experience a Fun Way to Stay Healthy and Happy

    Dance is a beautiful form of emotional expression. With so many different styles and methods, dance surely offers everyone a way to express themselves. However, apart from emotional expression, dance also offers a way for people to get active and keep their bodies feeling healthy and youthful. In fact, the list of health benefits is so long and impressive, that you will wish you had started dancin…Read More

  5. It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Play a Musical Instrument

    Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill but feel that you are too old to do so? Well, we are here to tell you that you are never too old to learn something new! It is never too late to learn a new skill or develop a new talent. At Soaring Dance Theatre, we believe that creativity knows no limit. We offer a number of different dance and music classes to kids, as well as adults. If you are an adul…Read More

  6. Our Theatre Offers Several Dance Expression Classes for Kids in Monroe

    Almost every little girl dreams of being the prima ballerina at some point during their childhood. After all, what little girl doesn’t love tutus, pretty outfits, and dancing? At Soaring Dance Theatre we offer a variety of dance classes for kids in Monroe. From jazz to ballet, we offer a multitude of different courses so each child can explore and discover the art of dance, as well as which form…Read More

  7. What Our Theater Classes in the 10950 Area Can Do For Your Kids

    Many parents think their our theater classes in the 10950 area are just for kids who want to grow up to act on stage. Actually, theater classes can be extremely beneficial for every child, because they'll learn a variety of skills that they'll use throughout their life to help them become more successful. Check out some of the benefits you can expect for your child when they participate in our …Read More

  8. How Old Should Kids Be to Start Piano Lessons in Monroe NY?

    Many parents ask us when they should start their child in piano lessons in our Monroe NY studio. Some teachers believe that children should start as young as 3 years old, and there are some studies that show starting lessons that young can be a benefit to their brain. However, this can simply be impractical. Most three year olds simply are not ready to sit still long enough to study the piano,…Read More

  9. Our Dance Classes for Kids in Monroe Can Improve School Performance

    Many parents are concerned about the state of the educational system in the United States, and policy makers are looking at what other countries are doing that seems to be working for the children in their system. One of the discrepancies that has come to light is recess. In the United States, some schools have cut back on recess time for more instructional time, leaving as little as 15 minutes a …Read More

  10. Our Dance Classes in Monroe NY Can Help Your Dreams Come True!

    One of the hottest television shows of the summer is So You Think You Can Dance? This talent competition showcases a variety of dancers from around the country in dance offs in order to earn the ultimate title.. Some of the performers are absolutely incredible, and if you are fan of the show, we’re willing to bet you’ve thought to yourself on at least one occasion that you wish you could dance…Read More