Testimonials to Our Studio

Ms. Roberta is the only Dance Instructor I have had that truly cares about her students and takes the time to work with each of us individually. I have grown so much over the years as a dancer at Soaring Dance Theatre and am grateful for the instruction she has provided me with.

Jenna Laskorski

My daughter has been a Dancer at Soaring Dance Theatre for years.  When she performs, you can feel the expressive emotions.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  Her silence dancing speaks volumes! Over the course of time, she has evolved and transformed into an eloquent swan, the symbol of inner grace, balance and commitment. Beauty in motion!

Kim Laskorski

I have been taking piano lessons at the Soaring Dance Theatre for the past year and could not be more pleased with the results. I am an older student and have tried taking lessons with other teachers but found the right place for me with Ms. Monkash. She works successfully with students of all ages. I have also watched her dance recitals and am impressed with the effort and care she puts into everything she does. I look forward to sending my granddaughter to her when she is old enough for lessons. I know she will be in good hands.

Kathleen Tlachi

Ms. Roberta has turned my son Jack into a musician! Never did I think my sports loving, rough and tumble 9 year old would love piano instruction so much. He glows with pride when at the piano. As a teacher I know that his new ability to read music has helped open up windows of development for math, but more importantly my son’s confidence is “soaring!” I couldn’t be happier with our decision to attend Soaring Dance Theatre! Thank you, Ms. Roberta!

Jennifer O'Boyle

I have been privileged to see the last three spring recitals presented by the Soaring Dance Theater. I am impressed by the year to year growth in the abilities and technique of each of the performers both in dance and piano.

Rich Herman

After a hard day when there is not a thing that is light in my mind, spirit or body, I go to Roberta’s class and I can soar and fly over everything losing my problems in my mind and I just enjoy!!

Andrea Sloan

Warwick, NY

My experience at Soaring Dance Theatre has been awesome. I feel like I really learned more than at my other dance schools.

Natalie Kyvik

Monroe, NY

I enjoy Soaring Dance Theatre very much. I feel like I really express myself in class. It’s really fun and I learn a lot.

Laura Kyvik

Monroe, NY

In my private sessions with Roberta, my skills as a dance and performing artist have been greatly enriched and improved. Roberta’s technical background in dance is complimented by her sharp artistic eye and her director’s approach to the specific piece and artist she is working with.

Kara Greevy

Cornwall, NY

Ms. Monkash is an amazing director who teaches her cast to act like a family…She brings out what we love to do best…act and sing. Acting with Ms. Monkash was some of the best times of my life.

Samantha Baggatta

Middletown, NY

Miss Roberta is a great teacher. I can’t wait to go to class. I love dance even more than I did before.

Emily Jungerheld

Central Valley, NY

I can see why she calls her school ‘Soaring’ because when it comes to music she is helping me fly.

Adam Bruner

Washingtonville, NY

Absolutely Roberta! You are a beauty to watch. I’m glad you are teaching my daughter your talent.

Shawna Lynn

Monroe, NY

Our daughter, Alexandra, was shy and withdrawn. Under Ms. Monkash’s encouraging direction, her self-confidence blossomed. Ms. Monkash’s professionalism, high standards and genuine guidance were very much part of the building blocks that firmly solidified Alexandra’s talent. Ms. Monkash is the kind of teacher and mentor that children remember for life.

Genevieve Haines

Middletown, NY

Miss Roberta provided our daughter with a wonderful year of dance. We truly appreciate her talent, warmth and creativity.

Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston

As a proud parent of two dancers in the 2012 Soaring Dance Theatre Dance Recital, I stood and watched in awe. Trying to fight back the proud tears and not wanting the dancing to stop, I was utterly amazed at the talent, dedication and spirit of the dancers. They danced to perfection and their personal best. It brought chills to my arms and made my heart sing with applause. Bravo!

Kim Laskorski

Monroe, NY

My daughter has been dancing at Soaring for the past two years. This is the studio to be in if your child wants not only to learn how to dance, but what it means to be a Dancer! Roberta is a true artist and teaches her students not only technique, but how to use their bodies as an expression of art. The studio is beautiful and Roberta has made the atmosphere welcoming to all who love to dance and to parents who watch.

Lorie Lotito

Monroe, NY

As a couple who had never danced before, we approached our wedding dance with a great deal of trepidation. Roberta’s calm mannerisms and attention to detail quickly put us at ease. We have learned so much! And we are so much more confident in our dancing abilities. Under the guidance of Roberta, we now are excited for our wedding dance. Getting our choreographed wedding dance was the b…Read More

Amy & Ryan

Roberta helped my son Johnny prepare for his college audition in musical theater. She made it fun and was extremely helpful. She gave him technical dance advice and practiced with him so he looked polished and felt confident. He had a wonderful experience learning from Roberta!

Sharon Drumgoole

In a location filled with many huge dance studios, Soaring Dance Theatre stands out in quality as the “Designer Boutique” in the presence of “Big Box Stores.”

Kay Rubacek

Dance class was so boring for my girls at another studio. Soaring Dance Theatre is so elegant and Roberta is warm and welcoming. My girls are not only learning the art of dance, but the terminology and history behind it. My girls wake up on Monday saying, “hooray, it’s dance day!” I love Soaring Dance Theatre and absolutely love Roberta. This place is a godsend!

Lainie Saint

Monroe, NY

Roberta Monkash taught me to not only express my true self, but to accept and love myself for who I really am. I have the utmost faith that she will impart the same grace onto my niece that she did for me. Thank you for being all the wonder that you are Roberta. Until we dance again…

Jennie Elena Rubino, Esq.

New York, NY

Working with Ms. Monkash has had a great impact on my life. Aside from the appreciation of theatre that I obtained from her, the most important thing I learned was self-confidence. From her I learned to understand my weaknesses and exploit them to showcase my strengths. She is deeply committed to her students and I would recommend Ms. Monkash to anyone who is looking to build a strong foundation in the performing arts.

David Vega

Middletown, NY

Having just completed a series of Dance Fusion classes at Soaring Dance Theatre I feel invigorated. The classes were filled with fun and smiles and warmth. What a joy it is to express oneself and not be judged. Each evening was a lift to my spirit and most of all my soul. I have learned some skill, some grace and most of all some confidence. Soaring Dance Theatre is a place to come together and express our innermost desires to dance.

Judi Berman

Warwick, NY