1. You will be so happy with the experience

    Myself and my sisters were all taught by Roberta and loved it! She is an amazing teacher who truly takes the time to understand a child and make them feel special and love dancing. She also really helped to build our self confidence and appreciate our bodies (and for young girls this is an immeasurably beneficial). I am thrilled to be sending my daughter to her now. She even took the time to meet …Read More

    Sarah Korba
  2. I am impressed by the year to year growth

    I have been privileged to see the last three spring recitals presented by the Soaring Dance Theater. I am impressed by the year to year growth in the abilities and technique of each of the performers both in dance and piano.…Read More

    Rich Herman
  3. My son’s confidence is “soaring!”

    Ms. Roberta has turned my son Jack into a musician! Never did I think my sports loving, rough and tumble 9 year old would love piano instruction so much. He glows with pride when at the piano. As a teacher I know that his new ability to read music has helped open up windows of development for math, but more importantly my son’s confidence is “soaring!” I couldn’t be happier with our decisi…Read More

    Jennifer OBoyle
  4. Could not be more pleased with the results

    I have been taking piano lessons at the Soaring Dance Theatre for the past year and could not be more pleased with the results. I am an older student and have tried taking lessons with other teachers but found the right place for me with Ms. Monkash. She works successfully with students of all ages. I have also watched her dance recitals and am impressed with the effort and care she puts into ever…Read More

    Kathleen Tlachi
  5. Arts and Education at its Best

    Arts and Education at its Best. My daughter,  has been a Dancer at Soaring Dance Theatre for years.  When she performs, you can feel the expressive emotions.  It is absolutely breath taking.  Her silence dancing speaks volumes! Over the course of time, she has evolved and transformed into an eloquent swan, the symbol of inner grace, balance and commitment. Beauty in motion!…Read More

    Kim Laskorski
  6. I have grown so much

    Ms. Roberta is the only Dance Instructor I have had that truly cares about her students and takes the time to work with each of us individually. I have grown so much over the years as a dancer at Soaring Dance Theatre and am grateful for the instruction she has provided me with.…Read More

    Jenna Laskorski (Student)