Voice Lessons

“I believe in resonance!”

We are proud to welcome Noëlle Larson, Soaring Dance Theatre’s new voice teacher.

Voice classes consist of vocal warm ups and technical skills through song choice and practice and character development. Ms. Larson incorporates the use of the body as it is intended to be used. She utilizes teaching methods and exercises to produce good, healthy sounds.

Student strive for an even balance of proper technique and song characterization to produce an excellent performance reflecting meaning and quality of sound.

Voice lessons are for adults and children 8 and older, whether you’re looking to improve skills for auditions and professional opportunities or just curious about vocal technique for fun!

Ms. Larson is a seasoned vocal performer, educator and coach. In addition to her university vocal studies she has been the artistic director of several performing arts institutions including the French Woods Performing Arts Festival and the Grand Street Campus High School in Brooklyn.

Ms. Larson’s students have been cast on Broadway, “School of Rock,” “Matilda” and “Trevor the Musical.” She is a warm and engaging educator with a deep commitment to her students’ success as singers, performers and well-versed musicians.