Science has shown that the arts are one of the most vital aspects that you can introduce into your child’s life. In this blog article, we are going to look specifically how the dramatic arts can bring a wide variety of benefits into your child’s life. Drama is such a fun and involved art form, but there are so many mental and social benefits that it can bring, too. Keep reading to learn more! 


Self Confidence 

The performing arts are exactly what they sound like, performing! By engaging your child in an activity that may push them out of their comfort zone and encourage them to take risks, it can highly boost their self-confidence. It takes a ton of guts to get up on stage and play a role, no matter how big or small that role is. Students receive praise and feedback that help encourage them to trust their natural abilities and ideas. Not to mention, the applause from the audience is a pretty good confidence booster, too! This confidence is something that your child will be able to take and apply into their daily life in school, work, and all other aspects of life. 



Creativity is one of the best aspects that children can utilize. Theatre encourages students to be creative and think outside of the box. This helps them develop ideas, which can help them problem solve, learn, and view the world in a new way. Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and with theater, your child will be equipped with both knowledge and imagination. 



The ability to feel and connect with another person is extremely important. Having this skill sets them up for a successful social life and provides them with the skills that they can apply outside the theater. The mindset that they have to get in, in order to play and embody a specific character, allows them to have an open mind and view to many situations, backgrounds, and cultures. 



One of the biggest benefits that any of the performing art forms can bring is discipline. Showing your child commitment to their responsibilities will help set them apart from others. It also allows them to learn how to work in an environment that requires you to do things in a certain way, with creative freedom. Discipline is a skill that is certainly lacking, especially in the world we live in that’s surrounded by instant gratification. Theater shows them that hard work, and specifically hard work over a long period of time, leads to results and gratification in the long run. 


Communication Skills 

Theater is obviously a form of verbal communication, but it also involves a lot of non-verbal communication which can prove as a useful communication tool. Not only does theater involve and improve your child’s vocal projection, articulation, tone of speech, and expression, but it also helps develop listening and observation skills. 


All of these skills are incredibly important for any person, but starting your child in theater classes at a young age can help ingrain those skills. Help give them the skills that they can take into the rest of their lives while having fun! If you’re interested in theater classes for your child, connect with us today, or click here to register! We look forward to hearing from you!