With so many options for dance studios and classes offered in Monroe, you may be wondering how to decide which one will best be able to help you accomplish you and/or your child’s dance goals. Here are some things to consider as you weigh your choices.

Professional Instructors: What kinds of credentials do a school’s instructors have? Where have they studied? Do they have performance experience? Have they choreographed any productions? What experiences can they use to educate you or your kid?

Class Size: What is a dance school’s average student-to-instructor ratio? Smaller class sizes allow more individual attention, and foster a healthier learning process. Students in large classes may be overlooked and might not develop at their optimal pace.

Opportunities: Is there a well-rounded offering of classes in a variety of disciplines? Is there a progressive program that follows kids interested in dance as they grow to become skilled adults? Does the school offer opportunities for dancers to participate in recitals and competitions?

Culture: What is the general atmosphere of a dance school? Are there high expectations for discipline and commitment? Are students encouraged to participate in a wide variety of different classes and activities? Do the staff and students take pride in their school?

If these factors are important to you, Soaring Dance Theater in Monroe is undeniably worthy of your consideration. Dance instructor Roberta Monkash has a lifetime of dance experience, and recognizes the importance of bringing opportunities to grow in dance, theater, and piano to her students. Kids and adults alike interested in growing and learning in the performing arts are encouraged to look into Soaring Dance Theater.