What To Wear To Dance Lesson

Concerned about what to wear for your very first dance class? We are here to help. Here are some basic guidelines for classes at our Monroe NY studio.

Class Attire

All dance and movement students must wear appropriate dance attire and dance footwear as dictated by the class. Choose your own colors of dancewear. Feel free to express yourself. This is a dance class, so you will likely be working up a sweat. Keep this mind as you choose your attire.

What Not to Wear

No baggy pants, no dangling jewelry. Hair must be pulled back in a neat arrangement that shows the neck. Gum chewing and street shoes are not permitted in the dance studio.

Contact Soaring Dance Theatre

Contact us today to learn more about our dance program. We offer classes for all ages, from age two to adult. We also offer music lessons and acting classes.

Let us help you get comfortable with performance and expressing yourself through the arts. We look forward to seeing you in class!