It’s no secret that dancing can be beneficial to people in many ways, not the least of which is physical — as society becomes increasingly more sedentary, it’s a major boon to have a pastime which tests your body and keeps you moving.

But one oft-overlooked benefit to dancing is the effects that it has on one’s mental health. The average person has enough stress to last them five lifetimes, so anything that can help relieve that stress is always welcome. At Soaring Dance Theatre, we offer dance classes to all ages, and we’ve seen firsthand how the art of dance leads to a happier, healthier life.

Here are some reasons why dance is great for your mental health:

Dancing Produces Happiness-Inducing Brain Chemicals

We’re not here to write a super technical blog about brain psychology, so we’ll leave it to scientific studies to explain this stuff in detailed jargon. But in a nutshell, dancing has very positive effects on the brain, which results in the production of chemicals that improve one’s mood and promote happiness.

In many ways, this is just a side-effect of being active. It is a well-documented fact that physical activity improves brain health. By moving around a lot, your brain gets more oxygen, releases more reward chemicals, and stays more active. Dancing, being pretty physically demanding, usually results in these natural processes.

If you take up dancing as a regular pastime, it’s something that can double as both a hobby and a workout. No matter which way you look at it, this a win-win situation for your long-term brain health.

Dance is a Form of Creativity and Expression

It’s important for everyone to have hobbies, and the human mind has a natural need to be stimulated by creative pursuits. By engaging in activities that allow for self-expression, the brain is stimulated, and it also allows someone to set measurable goals for growth and progression.

Most forms of art are stress-relieving and therapeutic under the right conditions, and dance is no different. Many people feel a release of tension as they practice their moves, and there can be a sense of satisfaction in creating new dances or showing them off to other people.

Studies have shown that, by regularly engaging in creative activities, you can improve happiness, reduce the likelihood of memory loss and dementia, boost your immune system, and become smarter. Dance is very much a form of creative expression, and we’ve definitely seen these things come true for our students.

It Improves Confidence

We shouldn’t have to explain why confidence is a blessing for one’s mental health — self-pity and degradation can be devastating for one’s mental health, and confidence is basically the opposite of that. Confidence nurtures a healthy amount of pride, self-worth, and contentment.

How does dancing make one more confident? Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s a Unique Skill: Dancing is one of those things that most people can only do on a very basic level. It feels good to be learned in unique skills that aren’t shared by everyone, because it’s an affirmation that you’ve gotten value out of precious time and effort that you’ve invested into learning something
  • It Helps People Come Out of Their Shell: Did you know that a sizable portion of the population would rather die than engage in public speaking? Stage fright and performance anxiety is a very real thing for countless people, and dancing can help break down those walls. You regularly perform in front of others when you dance. Breaking out of your shell can benefit you massively in all walks of life, turning you into a more confident, assertive, and sociable person.
  • It Improves Health: For countless people, confidence is directly correlated with self-image, and self-image is often directly correlated with health. Dancing is an activity that will naturally make you stronger, more fit, and more active. Combined with a half-decent diet, let’s just say you’ll be in better shape than you were before. This can be a major confidence-booster.
  • Measurable Progression and Improvement: Dance is an area where you can learn and improve, and have something to show for it. It’s an immensely satisfying feeling being able to pull off difficult routines and physically demanding moves. Much like an artist can look back at their portfolio and see how far they’ve come, a dancer can look at their own history and see clearly how much they’ve improved. This is great for self-worth!

Dance Classes in Monroe

It’s always important to look out for number one. You’re nothing without your mental health, and dancing can be a fulfilling pathway to happiness and self-confidence. We want to help each and every one of our students build that up at Soaring Dance Theatre. Our Monroe dance studio offers classes for all ages, with various areas of focus. We’ve seen firsthand how dancing can change people’s lives, and we know that can happen to you, too. Contact us today to get started!